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Dr. Waters talks about wisdom teeth extraction

We Extract Wisdom Teeth on a Daily Basis

Wisdom teeth, or “third molars”, commonly begin erupting between the ages of 17 and 25. The presence of wisdom teeth may never lead to complications, but for most patients, wisdom teeth will become problematic enough to necessitate extraction. With your wisdom teeth safely removed, you’re much less susceptible to associated infection or decay, gum disease, or the development of cysts and tumors, and are free from stiffness, swelling, and jaw pain resulting from impacted teeth. Wisdom teeth extractions are surgical procedures best completed by trained and skilled specialists who perform this surgery on a daily basis.

As oral surgeons, we are the authorities in wisdom teeth extractions, having received the highest level of clinical training in dental surgical procedures. We’re also extensively trained in handling emergency situations and in the administration of IV sedation, which allows you to experience a completely stress-free and comfortable procedure. Our skilled oral surgeons perform thousands of wisdom teeth extractions on an annual basis, completing both simple and complex surgical removal of wisdom teeth, without causing harm to other teeth, bone, or nerves. We’re equipped to provide wisdom teeth extractions in our state-of-the-art Wichita Falls and San Antonio, TX offices and have helped thousands of patients find relief with our comfortable and successful treatments. We’re ready to help you, too!


Experience the Difference Our Oral Surgeons Offer

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Experience the Difference Our Oral Surgeons Offer

By choosing an oral surgeon to perform your extraction, you ensure optimum success and results. By choosing to receive care from our skilled team, you receive these added benefits:

  • Experienced surgeons with additional years of surgical education
  • Sedation available for a virtually pain- and anxiety-free treatment
  • Detailed 3D imaging for predictable planning and results
  • Use of advanced technology to improve procedural accuracy
  • Exceptional surgical team who extract thousands of wisdom teeth each year

Seek Expertise for Advanced Surgical Procedures

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Seek Expertise for Advanced Surgical Procedures

Wisdom teeth extractions are a more complicated process that requires surgical precision. We leverage cone beam CT technology to capture 3D images of the oral structure, including the location and position of your wisdom teeth. On the day of surgery, we carefully remove each problem wisdom tooth using advanced extraction tools. At the surgical site we also place platelet-rich fibrin derived from your own blood to minimize bleeding, improve healing, and significantly reduce your chances of developing a dry socket after surgery. This entire surgical procedure can be safely completed in our Wichita Falls, TX office, which is equipped with the necessary resources to help ensure the wisdom teeth extractions process is efficient, comfortable, and successful.

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