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Dental implants are a smile solution that combines advanced technology and achieving a functional smile. Doctors everywhere, including us at The Marquis Center, which proudly serves the Floresville, Texas area, are turning to the dental implant solution for our patients.

This dental transformation allows for patients to enjoy  new single, multiple or a set of teeth, that are not only strong and durable, but natural looking, and completely functional. Implants are created to act as natural teeth, meaning they stimulate the jaw bone, which creates a strong jaw and facial structure foundation.

Dental implants are specifically created uniquely to every patient. This allows for size, shape, and coloring of teeth to be chosen by the you and the doctor, to ensure the best teeth for function, permanency and aesthetics.




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Turning To The Professionals: Oral Surgeons

Dr. Mueller talks about dental implants

Dr. Mueller and the whole team at the Marquis Center are here to provide you with the absolute best care possible. Knowing that every person is distinctively special, the oral surgeons at this practice, located in Texas, know that there is not a one-size dental restoration.

Dr. Andrew Mueller is a facial and oral surgeon that believes in the use of advanced technology and furthered education. He put his knowledge into the oral and maxillofacial surgery, with a strong focus on dentoalveolar surgery, cosmetic facial surgery, and implants. Being trained in dentistry and medicine, putting your trust in Dr. Mueller is wise.

If you’re interested in rejuvenating your smile with natural aesthetics and permanency, The Marquis Center is a perfect choice. We serve Floresville and surrounding areas in Texas.

Permanent teeth solution with dental implants



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Dental implants act like natural teeth, from root to crown. They're made of highly durable and strong materials that can resist the force of eating tough, hard, or chewy foods like meat, nuts, and raw fruits and vegetables.


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Dental implants integrate with the jaw bone, providing the same level of stimulation as that of natural tooth roots. Whenever you bite or chew, implants take on this pressure and help keep the jaw bone healthy.


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Color, translucency, size, shape, and positioning are all considered when restoring dental implants. Dental implant crowns are artificial teeth that are indistinguishable from natural teeth!

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Texas has immense excitement to offer. Floresville is a perfect small town to offer a quaint getaway. If you’re ready to explore the friendly charm of the south, there is no place better to survey than Floresville. 

From museums and historical sites to recreation and amusement, whether you come solo or with a group, you will have plenty to see.

When you’re ready to enjoy food, nosh on a crawfish boil, or be delighted by the famous Texas barbecue. 

Enjoy your time in Floresville, Texas and the whole San Antonio area.

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  • From Floresville, Get on I-37 N in San Antonio from US-181 N
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  • Continue on Frontage Rd
  • Take UTSA Boulevard to W Hausman Rd
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