Don’t Let Medical Concerns Compromise Your Oral Health

Seek Specialized Care from Medically Trained Oral Surgeons

If underlying medical conditions have made you believe that you don’t qualify for many dental procedures that could improve your oral health and function—or even if you’ve been told this—we may be able to help you. While medically compromised patients often require more specialized care and maintenance, our skilled oral surgeons are usually able to offer treatment.

As both dental professionals and medical doctors, our team of oral surgeons is well-equipped to manage medically compromised patients in a way that offers the best solutions for their situations and oral health needs. By understanding underlying medical conditions and the side effects of medication or treatment, we have the expertise to treat you safely and with more targeted and effective care to ensure positive outcomes of your treatment and longevity of your oral health.

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Why Choose Our Oral Surgeons?

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Why Choose Our Oral Surgeons?

If you’re one of our medically compromised patients, you may have complications that fall outside the extent of training and education of general dentists and even some dental specialists. As oral surgeons, our training is in both dentistry and medicine, a dual-degree specialty that provides us with the greatest understanding of a wide range of dental issues and how medical conditions can affect our approach to your treatment, procedural risks, and anesthesia options, among others.Furthermore, we’re clinically trained in trauma care and are able to handle emergency situations for which medially compromised patients may be at a greater risk. Overall, our oral surgeons not only have dental and medical education, but extensive training and experience providing specialized and effective treatment and management of medically compromised patients.

Trust in Our Specialized Care

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Trust in Our Specialized Care

If a medical condition is keeping you from seeking needed dental treatments, we invite you to schedule a consultation at our Wichita Falls, TX office. Our oral surgeons are specialized in treating medically compromised patients and skilled in procedures, such as the placement of zygomatic dental implants, that are an alternative to more conventional measures. If you’re medically compromised and have even complex dental issues, there is hope! We routinely help patients with medical conditions improve their oral health through our specialized care.

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