Kathy's Story

“Well one Saturday afternoon I was doing absolutely nothing around home, my husband was working. I hear my cellphone ring, and it’s at the other end of the house. So of course I wanted to get that phone call because I was bored, I didn’t know who it was. So I started running from my bedroom which wasn’t that far, but I was running to the cellphone in the kitchen. When I got about halfway through the den I fell, and my teeth, my mouth caught the wooden arm of a chair, and I thought oh well. Yes it hurt, and I could tell that my teeth were not exactly like they should have been. I did see a dentist that night and they were able to push the teeth back up. When my regular dentist found out about it, he immediately says, “You have got to see Dr. Waters.”

Dr. Waters got me in almost immediately after he was called, and then discovered what all needed to be done. He kind of relayed my fears, did away with them, by telling me there was an answer and the answer was implants. Knowing that the bone needed to be rebuilt before the implants were in place, all was very important to the success. I was very concerned about the way that I looked. I never had a situation such as this in which I thought hey, I’ll open my mouth and all they’re going to see is gums that have zero teeth in them. That was very embarrassing. I could almost forget that this event, this accident, happened to me. When I look in the mirror I see something better than what I had previously.”

-Kathy B.

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