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How Dental Implant Solve the Issue of Unstable Dentures

Modern dentures have certainly come a long way from the bulky, unnatural ones our grandparents wore. However, today’s dentures still cause limitations and problems that many patients find discouraging. Dentures are only a replacement for no teeth, and they do little to restore the function and stability you once enjoyed with real teeth.

Dentures that loosen while you eat or slip whenever you talk and laugh is embarrassing and uncomfortable. But it’s also a sign that your jawbone ridge is resorbing and flattening without stimulation from tooth roots. Over time, your denture will be too ill-fitting to function as it should, additionally causing painful sores along your gums. No amount of natural suction, pastes, or adhesives will keep it in place.

How can dental implants help?

Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem (and many others) with help from dental implants! Unlike dentures, which rest on your jaw ridge, dental implants are screw-like posts that are surgically inserted into the bone. These posts mimic the natural stimulation that tooth roots provide and halt the bone resorption process. More importantly, dental implants provide a strong, secure base for a denture or full-arch prosthesis.

The benefits of dental implants

Whether used to stabilize your denture or to secure a full-arch prosthesis of life-like teeth, dental implants provide you with many benefits. First, dental implants enable you to eat a wider variety of healthy foods like meat, raw veggies and fruits, and nuts. You won’t have to avoid the foods you love anymore because you’ll be able to bite and chew with over 99 percent original function!

Second, if you’ve been declining social activities or dates because you’re embarrassed or worried about your dentures, dental implants are the solution! Attractive teeth secured in your mouth that look and feel natural give you the confidence to get out and enjoy life once again.

Schedule your appointment

If dentures are causing you to live in embarrassment, discomfort, or avoidance, it’s time to choose dental implants. Schedule your consultation with your local implant dentist today.

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