Full Arch Dental Implant

The Top 3 Benefits of Full Arch Implants

If you talk to practically any dentist these days, you’ll find out that dental implants are recommended for practically every tooth replacement scenario if the patient is healthy enough for the procedure. At one time, the use of implants was more restrictive, but innovations in the placement procedure and support surgeries that use grafts to make implants work for patients with significant tissue, the loss has widened the application of implants. Today, you can even replace an entire arch of teeth with full arch implants instead of opting for dentures, and there are a lot of good reasons to do so.

1. Natural Looking and Feeling

When you opt for implants, you get a tooth replacement option that looks like real teeth. There are a few things that come together in the design of your implants to allow that to happen. First, high-quality porcelain replacement teeth are built with precise computer guidance to resemble the real thing as much as possible.

They are also very robust, so they keep their bright finish as long as they are well taken care of. Last, the anchors in your gum tissue are built to support the replacement teeth in a way that helps simulate the look and action of natural teeth, making them look as close to your old teeth as possible.

2. Eat Your Favorite Foods

When you opt for implants, you can enjoy any foods you were able to handle before tooth loss, because the robust strength of implants means you don’t have dietary restrictions. There’s a short recovery window where you’ll find your food limited, but within a couple of weeks you’ll be back to your favorites.

3. Preserve Tissue

Your teeth play an important role in keeping your jaw and gums in shape, and when they are gone, patients lose mass in both. Implants provide the same stimulation as natural teeth, so that tissue is preserved as it would be with natural teeth.

Don’t wait to get implants and get back to your old lifestyle. Contact us and make an appointment with Dr. Mueller and his team at the Marquis Center in Wichita Falls, TX.

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